Sunday, November 23, 2014

Such a Merry Evening on 12/18/14

In our latest French night at the Cornelia
we celebrated 
French Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Fiction

Before we start, our faithful audience is coming in.
It is so nice to have you back.

Time for pictures !
Artistic ones !

People chat and begin to relax.

Some are even trying to figure out what will go on.

Let's get started.

We read excerpts of three novels  and we began by 
The novel tells the story of Bruno Kerjen, a lonesome engineer 
who doesn't want to move or change his life 
and whose only interest is pornographic phone calls. 

Isabelle Milkoff is reading the French text
while Lara Vergnaud is reading 
her own translation in English.

One day Bruno Kerjen runs into Marlene, 
his teenager sweetheart. This changes everything.

Then the evening went on with 
The Sleepworker/Deux jeunes artistes au chômage 
by Cyrille Martinez, 

"New York New York" is the set of this funny and amazing novel 
in which we follow two non-working artist characters, 
John  and Andy who go from one opening to another 
and find their way in the non-sleeping city. 

Patrick Stancil (left) and Maxime Touillet (right)
were the readers.

Patrick read his own translation while 

Maxime read the French text.

We had fun.

And last but not least
Tranvestite/Travesti by David Dumortier, 
was the third amazing novel we read.

In this autobiographic and powerful novel, 
the author is telling 
how he would write stories 
for children during the day 
and turn himself 
in a transvetite at night.

Emmanuelle Ertel read in French

while Grace Mc Quillan and  Carina Lacorata 
their and other students' translation. 
All are in Emmanuelle's NYU translation workshop.

After the reading
there was more talking,

more pictures,

more food,

and laughs.

Here is Emmanuelle saying good bye
and announcing our two next French Nights. 

They will take place on February the 25th
and April the 22nd
at 6 pm
at The Cornelia Street Cafe
Cornelia Street
New York New York

W 4th Street on A/E/1/2/3

We are looking forward to see you all!